Specialty Flavors

Page_specialty• Cookies ‘N Cream (alternating chocolate and vanilla cake layers with cookies ‘n cream buttercream filling)
• Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling topped with chopped peanut butter cups)
• Confetti (vanilla cake & buttercream mixed with rainbow sprinkles/or any specific color)
• Orange 50/50 (orange cake with vanilla buttercream filling)
• Chocolate Mint ‘N Chip (chocolate cake with andes mint buttercream filling)
• Pina Colada (coconut cake with pineapple buttercream filling)
• Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel (chocolate cake with caramel buttercream filling topped with sea salt)
• Almond Joy (almond cake with chocolate buttercream filling topped with toasted coconut)