We are identical twins born nine minutes apart. We’ve never lived more than fifteen minutes away from each other. We look and talk alike but have our own personalities and styles. We love people and Jesus. He has made us complete and has given us the ability and talents to do our job well which makes our clients happy.


We see life as a precious gift, never taking it for granted, and always living it to the fullest. We tried our hand at baking after watching all the cake shows on the Food Network and found ourselves being successful at it. After achieving an art degree from Long Beach State University and a baking and pastry certificate from Orange Coast College, we are ready to pursue our dream of opening up a Twinfully Sweet storefront.


Obsessed with sweets?! Yes we are! Super hyper-active because of it? Yup! We have uncontrollable sweet tooths which ends up fueling our lives and energy…well that and coffee of course! There isn’t a sweet we would deny trying. We taste everything we bake which is made with the freshest ingredients, all natural, no preservatives, and always with lots of love.♥